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Anti-Radiation Gold Sticker- Infant of Prague


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24Karat Gold Anti-Radiation Sticker

Reduces harmful EMF on your electronic devices.

Highly recommended for cellular phones, tablets and laptops.

Additional Information

Anti Radiation

Q. Will the Anti Radiation sticker affect the signal strength of my mobile device?
A. No, It will not affect the signal strength of the mobile device in any way.
Q. I have been a heavy user of mobile phones for years and I feel fine, why should I be concerned?
A. It has been reported in scientific papers and accepted by Doctors world wide that continuous exposure to EMF emitted from mobiles adversely affect health and may significantly increase the risk of brain tumor & cancer.
Q. Is the Anti Radiation sticker only meant for mobile phones or can it be used on other electronic devices?
A. Although it is used extensively for mobile phones, it can also be used on other electronic devices that radiate EMF such as tablets, laptops, computers and cordless phones.
Q. How do you prove the effectiveness of the Anti Radiation sticker?
A. It is very simple. Place the sticker on the back of your mobile phone and your mobile will stop emitting the heat that you were experiencing previously from your mobile. If you have an EMF tester, it will instantly show improvements on reducing EMF.